5 Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Stop Making Right Now

As a pool owner, it is very important to get an idea about a few pool maintenance mistakes and how to correct these mistakes. Adding shock directly to your water and the shock doesn’t circulate properly into your water, making it far less effective and it can make permanent staining especially if you are having a vinyl liner. To get rid of this problem, you have to Pre- your pool shock into a 5-gallon bucket of warm water. Dissolved pool shock circulates into your water much faster and prevents staining from the water.

Most of the pool owners won’t brush their pool but it is very important to brush the pool properly even if it doesn’t look dirty. Premier Paradise, Inc while brushing your Pool Don’t forget to scrub stairs, behind ladders, steps, corners, and walls. 

Not testing Pool water weekly also effects very badly and when you don’t test your water weekly, it gives your pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and sanitizes levels more time to get farther out of balance. It also gives contaminants more time to enter your pool, and dirty it up.

Test your pool water every week by using a test kit and balance your swimming pool water. Keep your pool’s calcium hardness between 200 and 400 ppm and remember the lower the number, the softer will be the water.

You have to keep your calcium hardness at the proper level. By avoiding calcium scaling and etching, you prolong the life of your pool system and equipment. Proper calcium hardness would be very helpful for your skin while swimming that protects your skin from drying. Don’t add chlorine during the day because the sun burns up the chlorine lastly. Add bulk chlorine at night, and make small adjustments during the day when necessary. If you face trouble while maintaining your Pooling system visits Premier Paradise, Inc to get useful guidance and support.

5 Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs

Best Pool Design for Every Yard – There are several swimming pools you can design that are well suitable for every outdoor space even long, narrow and middle courtyard. You can enjoy every size, design, and type of that like any type that you wish. Historic Tropical Beauty – If you want to have a home that looks like an island retreat lush tropic landscaping makes it possible for you. The historic, circa-1850 home was restored and received a few new additions that are appropriate for designing of the house and for enhancing rather than overpowering the property. 

Green – Roof Pool House is a modern design includes a pool house with a roof featuring grasses, sedge, and wildflowers native to Central Texas. For the pool decking, Mortar less cut Lenders limestone on steel while Bissau mosaic glass tile covers the pool interior. You can also create a Family fun pool like a water park that will be favorite to all ages.

The pool features stones, waterfalls and features, islands, colorful landscaping, and inviting artistic elements. River Pool – Enjoy a long pool and built to take in the view and is surrounded by Connecticut stone. Moonlight swim is a design suitable for a modern small swimming pool illuminated to coax its owners for a midnight swim. The side corner wall is raised to the level of the patio for a natural transition from house to pool.

The tropical lightening effect is a backyard swimming pool to accentuate tropical features of the outdoor pool, including landscaping, waterfalls, and Landscape. L-shaped luxury is a small pool design that continues the linen the materials and lines of the surrounding patio in this design by the pool environment. If you want to hire a Pool Designer to get a beautiful pool for your building visit Premier Paradise, Inc to get according to requirements.

How To Clean Your Green & Cloudy Pool after a Rainstorm

Most of the Homeowners complain that their pools look dirty and less appealing after a rainstorm but it’s not a big deal. With a little maintenance, your Pool water can convert into its proper state. In this article, I will guide you about how to maintain and clean your pool and keep it swimmable all summer long. A very common question asked by many people “Why your Pool turns Green and Cloudy “?

Rain doesn’t harm your Pool but it can dilute the chemistry in the water. After rainfall your PH level or other sanitizer allows algae or other contaminants to gain a foothold. After the growth of algae, your Pool can turn to green overnight. Prevent Dilution before it occurs – The best way to keep poor water clear is to prevent rainwater from diluting it. This can happen only when you keep an eye on the weather forecast and cover it before any storm settles in over the region.

 Clean the Debris from the pool if you missed your opportunity to cover the pool and are left with a cloudy green mess, all isn’t lost. With a small amount of remediation work, you would be able to swim again. First of all, you have to remove any leaves, twigs or branches that found their way into the water. Also, check the filters as well as the pump and skimmer baskets to make sure they aren’t clogged.

Besides, you’ll want to brush off foreign objects that have lodged themselves on the ladder or steps, and then vacuum up any debris that has settled on the bottom of the pool. If you want to get a new design or wants any difference regarding your pooling you can visit Premier Paradise, Inc